Electrical & Instrumentation

Cost Efficient Electrical & Instrumentation Services

DCM provides high quality electrical power supply, installation and testing services, as well as expert instrumentation calibration and installation services.

  • Power, control, lighting, alarm, and communication systems
  • Exterior and interior sub-stations / e-houses
  • Generator units and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • High / low voltage and motor switchgears
  • Heat tracing
  • Power-system protection
  • Insulation and continuity tests
  • Electrotechnical and thermography services
  • Distributed systems (DCS), programmable controllers and multiplexers
  • Instrument cabinets and operators’ control room consoles
  • Control and instrumentation wiring systems
  • Process, pneumatic and/or hydraulic systems
  • Synoptic and remote station interfaces
  • Testing (loop verification and pressure tests)

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