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With a tremendous depth of knowledge, extensive experience and demonstrated success in multiple industry sectors such as oil and gas (including oil sands and LNG), mining & metallurgy, petrochemicals, power generation and infrastructure, DCM is a partner of choice for fully integrated industrial and commercial construction services across Canada and internationally.


DCM is a partner of choice for high quality electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication services in the commercial and institutional sectors. DCM is an expert in all types of projects for office and industrial buildings, manufactures, institutions, and more.

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Pulp & Paper

DCM executed numerous pulp and paper construction and shutdown projects involving activities such as replacement of exchanger tubes, modifications to substations (power, control and distribution), plant upgrades, and more.

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DCM has vast experience in mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation work performed on projects such as marine terminals, airports and underground transportation facilities.

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DCM has a long history of working on power generation construction projects. Our experience spans hydro-electric facilities, combined cycle cogeneration power plants, thermal power plants, and more.

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Petrochemicals & Chemicals

DCM has successfully completed many petrochemical & chemical projects including ethanol and polytrimethylene (PTT) polymer thermostatic facilities.

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Mining & Metallurgy

DCM is an experienced mining & metallurgy industrial construction and maintenance service provider. Recent projects include potash mines in Saskatchewan, and iron ore mines, aluminum and magnesium plants in Québec.

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Oil & Gas

DCM has extensive experience in oil & gas construction, maintenance, and shutdown projects. In recent years, DCM has worked on more than 50 oil & gas projects in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Montreal, Saint-John and elsewhere.

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