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Business development initiatives are on the rise as DCM Group charters new waters

DCM Group has recently secured various mandates in new and existing markets.

The Davie Shipyard

When Davie first announced their shipyard project, our instinct was to shy away from the opportunity, thinking “well, we don’t do that kind of work”. But with a new mindset and approach to developing opportunities, we immediately reached out to Davie and expressed our interest in this project. Our tendency would have been to overlook unknown and potentially complicated opportunities like this one assuming we would be disqualified for not having worked aboard a ship in the past. But that was then and this is now! In reality, when there is a shortage of labour – pipe is pipe and cable is cable – which is exactly what Davie saw in us and it is exactly what we are delivering to them. Client feedback is positive and we continue to pursue other opportunities in the naval market. That’s right, I said it…NAVAL!

The 3-year Shell Construction & Maintenance Contract

Unlike the Davie Shipyard project, DCM’s experience and expertise are completely in line with the scope of work for this project which includes industrial mechanical, electrical, and some civil works within the oil & gas industry. There are two very important aspects related to this project that are worth mentioning.

Firstly, in order to submit our response to Shell’s RFP, the DCM team had to answer more than 200 questions, many of which were multi-part questions. The team effort involved in completing this questionnaire with such accuracy and detail was phenomenal. It’s times like these that reinforce and strengthen the commitment and engagement of team members to business development opportunities. A big thank you goes to the Western Operations team for building such an impressive portfolio of projects with HSE and QA/QC tracking metrics that set us apart from the competition.

Secondly, the Shell contract solidifies the pan-national footprint of DCM Group in the Canadian oil and gas sector. Just as our success in the oil sands helped win this contract, there is no doubt that this project coupled with our diverse and extensive portfolio will lead to many more opportunities throughout the country.



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