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At DCM our number one priority is the safety and health of our employees, clients, suppliers and the community around us.

While much of our business activity has been suspended in an effort to do our part to support social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, operations have continued in sectors deemed essential to sustaining a viable society.  Our employees have always been world leaders in demonstrating a commitment to Health and Safety, and this culture has left them best suited to work under this new threat while ensuring the safety of their coworkers and the community at large.

Due to the rapidly changing status of COVID-19, we are updating our operating procedures daily to ensure the safety of our employees and business continuity. We are adhering to the government’s protocol and have implemented a work from home strategy for those who are able to. For employees who are unable to work from home, we are working with our clients to guarantee a safe working environment. All employees traveling to remote sites are required to complete additional medical screening prior to reporting to work.

For employees working on projects, we have implemented a variety of initiatives including:

     • social distancing guidelines

     • heightened personal hygiene practices

     • significant increase in the cleaning and sanitization of common areas

     • staggering of break times

     • task specific safe work practices and job hazard analysis

COVID-19 remains a dynamic situation, and as such we will continue to update our employees, clients and suppliers on our practices and procedures.

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