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We provide complete piping services

DCM provides integrated process pipe fabrication, installation and testing services.

  • Piping fabrication (spools)
  • Installation of piping systems
  • Welding of various types of steel and alloy
  • Stress relieving and non-destructive testing
  • Inspection and pressure testing
  • Cleaning and commissioning

DCM’s fabrication shop overview


  • Outdoor courtyard size: 227 601 sq. ft. (1,392 m2)
  • Shop Size: 14 938 sq. ft. (1,392 m2)
  • Welding stations: up to 12 per shift
  • Rail unloading and loading capability


  • Steel Grades:
    • Stainless Steel (304, 316 & 321)
    • Alloys (Duplex, Hastalloy, Alloy 20, Inconel, Chrome)
    • Carbon Steel


  • Non Destructive Examination (NDE):
    • Visual inspection
    • Dye-Penetrant
    • X-ray
  • Hydrostatic testing

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