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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Canaport LNG – Gas liquefaction Process Unit

SNC-Lavalin awarded DCM the mandate to provide mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation services for the Canaport LNG Gas liquefaction Process Unit.


Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation

Industry sector

Oil & Gas

Canaport LNG is a state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and re-gasification terminal in Saint John (N.B.) and is the first LNG terminal in Canada, sending out natural gas to both Canadian and US markets. The Canaport LNG Terminal added a boil-off gas (BOG) recovery system to its existing facility. Project included the installation of a new BOG compressor (identical to the three existing BOG compressors in the terminal) and a booster compressor to compress the boil-off gas from the liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks directly to the new pipeline network.

DCM’s mandate

Our mandate included:

  • The installation of over 28,000 feet of specialty stainless steel process piping in the re-gasification units.
  • This included the development and implementation of various cryogenic welding procedures requiring
    extensive technical knowledge and quality.
  • In relation with the installation of the BOG Recovery unit and Booster pump, DCM also completed all
    work related to the:

    • Instrumentation calibration / installation / testing
    • Communication cabling installation / testing

Cryogenic piping fabrication & installation

Scope of work:

Supply manpower, supervision personnel, handling and rolling equipments for materials transportation, piping materials, tools / welding equipment, scaffolding, buildings / shelters / temporary installations, and technicians / equipment for non-destructive / pressure tests and insulation work.

More specifically, the work included: 

  • Pre-fabricating and pre-insulating stainless steel piping
  • Field installation of all piping routes
  • Installation of all valves, screens, and in-line instruments
  • Fabrication and installation all pipe supports
  • Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) in conformity with all the technical documents
  • Pressure testing of the Water Carbon Steel lines and Stainless Lines
  • Backwelding of plugs that must be installed on couplings (BE x MNPT) present in this contract piping and situated at high point vents used for pressure tests only, as applicable

Instrumentation & electrical installation

Scope of work:

DCM general scope of work included the installation of all new instruments / cables / junction boxes and testing thereof. It also included the supply of all labour expertise, labour supervision, and multi-trades labourers. DCM also supplied the facilities, the tools, the materials, the equipment and all the construction machinery for the execution of the work.

More specifically, the work included: 

  • Purchase, supply, install and test all cabling
  • Install all instruments (with cable supports and trays), panels and junction boxes
  • Supply, install and connect all instrument air supplies (including supports)
  • Supply and install panel supports (including fire and gas equipment supports)
  • Supply and install all grounds, marshalling panels (including mounting rails), and hardware such as terminals, nameplates, selector switches and pilot lights
  • Perform quality control

Telecom supply & installation

Scope of work:

The scope of work included the supply and the installation of all the telecommunication and physical security equipment for the Canaport LNG-BOG Recovery System.

More specifically, the work included:

  • Supply and install all the structured cabling equipment and telecommunication equipment
  • Install fibre-optic and cabling copper patch panel
  • Perform all telecommunication cable termination and connectors
  • Supply, install and terminate all the telecommunication cables
  • Test all the new telecommunication cabling as per the specifications
  • Supply and install all the required cable glands for all the telecommunication cables

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